App development tips for you, the client

January 21, 2022

Why you should develop a cross platform app, how you should pick your app development company and a few pointers that can make a difference.

First, why ?

Unless you have an established app or a consistent budget, or even if you have both, you should choose the cross-platform route when building an app. Sure, the OGs will tell you that native apps are the best. Well, they are right, but it’s not the solution for everybody, for every budget or within every timeframe. 

When is Flutter or React Native better than native development:

  1. When you have a tight deadline
  2. When you want to build a proof of concept
  3. When you are a startup and you want to validate your idea
  4. When you want to keep your maintenance costs low
  5. When you don’t want to overspend for no reason

When native app development might be better:

  1. Your app is a heavy computation one
  2. You want to build 3d games
  3. You build AR/VR apps or GPS centric apps
  4. You build IoT apps

How you should pick your app development company

First, you have to like the guys you are working with. Like any business, 50% of the time it is down to “I don’t like that guy”. Objective reasons, subjective reasons, doesn’t matter. You have to work closely with a team and you must like them or your life will be hell.

On the subjective side I say there are a few boxes that need to be ticked:

  1. The team and the leader are genuine and straightforward
  2. The pricing is transparent 
  3. They speak good English
  4. They sometimes don’t agree with you
  5. They have pets
  6. Any other personal criteria you think is important…

Once you are over the “I like these guys” then you can go for the usual objective criteria like: price, portfolio, references, location, technical proposal and timelines. To pick an app development agency they have to pass on both the subjective and objective side or otherwise your project will not go smoothly.

Successful app development?

Each project has its own metrics for success but there are a few general ones you might take as a rule of thumb:

  1. You get to keep your mental health and hair in place
  2. You enjoy most of the process as you are the client
  3. The app does what you envisioned
  4. Your backlog is large but users are impressed
  5. No question you’ll use the same app developers for future projects

You’ll probably see that at the end of the day it’s equally about quality of code, design, project management, testing and communication. 

Sure, this article is some sort of advertising for our app development services. But that’s besides the point.

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