Largest B2C and B2B gaming expo of Turkey


GL Events, the largest exhibition company of the world which organizes more than 300 exhibits and 4000 events globally (in a world without Covid-19, of course) believes that the future is in games. That exact future is represented by Gaming Istanbul, GIST for short.

Powerful Wordpress based website

Getting information to expo attendees has never been easier. Thanks to the powerful CMS that is Wordpress, everything was able to be custom made to fit the needs of Gist: from dynamically presenting the schedule to organizing sponsors.

Visuals, now enhanced

Videogames are based heavily on the visual side of things, so the design of the website has to match. So we came up with a clean, crisp and futuristic look to compliment the look, feel and enhance the content of GIST.

SEO optimization

SEO is King. That is why we optimized the website to make it as SEO friendly as possible. Image optimization, SEO metadata, libraries to a minimum, clean and dependable code, all in one place, under Wordpress’ roof.

Language barrier? Don’t know her.

An international convention needs to appeal to an international audience. That's why we implemented a multi language technology, making sure that the Gaming Istanbul’s message is available in both English and Turkish.