One year later: The events industry & COVID-19

June 10, 2021

Last year was bad news all around. It sucked, plain and simple. It was so bad that experts in the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions  industry had to meet up and discuss and advise on the necessary measures to keep the industry afloat.  

And a year down the line, where are we? Well,  the industry’s not necessarily sinking like the Titanic anymore, but it surely isn’t safely floating down the river. 

In all seriousness now, the Covid crisis showed to many a thing that we, the guys and gals in the IT industry knew a long time ago. That the digital change is something that entrepreneurs, businessmen and CEO’s cannot ignore any longer. And yet some still do, even if it’s 2021. 

Virtual above anything else

It revealed that now, more than ever, the digital presence of a brand matters the most out of everything else. Whether it is facilitating online events, summits, hybrid events, engaging more with the audience or updating your website, giving it a fresh look; everything along these lines became of utmost importance. 

Cooperation between businesses

And this accent on virtual interactions only led businesses to depend more and more on their relationships in the industry. Because when the clients leave, you turn to others in the same situation, aka your buddies in the industry. I believe that the much needed collaboration that 2020 called for will continue  long after the pandemic. Package deals, partnerships and a unified collective voice when it comes to organizing events is always appreciated by clients. 

Venue Flexibility

The arrival of vaccines brought along a little glimmer of hope, and so, the reopening of venues. And after such a year, the suppliers had to change their whole strategy. Many venues will need to think about how they will accommodate in-person events and hybrid events, restrictions, capacity limits, social distancing and all. 

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready for the digital change?

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