Our process

Every web project has its own particularities. Because of that, we need to adapt every specific step when we start a new project, be it event, web product or website, and treat it accordingly.

Working with companies overseas can be challenging, and yet, with today tools and methodologies, we managed to take communication to a new level. We have a set of procedures that can be adjusted to any client preference so we can always stay connected.

Ensuring quality is always at the forefront. Still, it means more than producing against specs. It also means predicting where issues might come up, or preparing for scenarios that might seem impossible. All in all, it means taking all measures needed to have a smooth experience when using the products we have developed.

We start by building wireframes and layouts, then we work on developing web components, laying the groundwork for external APIs integrations and other particularities, always making sure that we have a solid base for further updates. This is where the production process actually is, where engineering is creatively unleashed.

Each product has special deployment needs, be it an online event, website or app. Phasing the features and content is not an option, but rather a must. Here is how we achieve successful results carefully throughout deployments.

Finishing a project is both a moment of joy and analysis. What went great, what went okay, what can be improved? We take the post-launch debrief seriously and we deliver reports on how things worked and also plans on how things will work in the future.