We provide consultancy on all aspects of planning an online event presence. This goes from choosing the right domain and hosting system to sitemaps and SEO strategy. Experience with global events helped us prepare for the moment when issues may come up, where to look for hidden bugs and how we can prevent disasters. We’re here to give you all the insights and the “behind the scenes” stories to make sure you have a successful web presence, be it app, website or online event. Even more, with the help of VEEP, our own online events platform, you can rest easy knowing that you have the best of the best besides when organizing your event. VEEP is a one stop shop that does event registration, ticketing, networking and streaming for your virtual or hybrid event.


At the end of the day, it’s UI/UX’s job to make sure that the content is properly delivered to the visitors. Remember, there is only the first impression is the last impression for some. Its your way towards good partnerships, sponsors, more users, all in all, a top notch company. To make sure that users remember you, we follow the latest good-practice methods and always design modern websites and apps.


Quality web products take experience, brains and hard work to become true. Our engineers take pride in the work they do every day for some of the biggest global trade-show companies. We mix classic and new technologies with the sole goal of putting out amazing products that our clients can use with confidence. Our clients enjoy WordPress and we are experts in pushing this versatile platform to the next level. Our themes are created from scratch, detailed, highly optimized and performing great under any traffic spikes.


At the end of the day, success is something you can measure. Without that you it didn’t even happen. That’s why every project we work on has a dedicated development stage where we focus on analytics. We approach the analytics professionally, in a sensible way towards visitors privacy under the strict GDPR rules. We use Google Analytics, Hotjar, Clicky, & Salesforce to track the website performance and visitors engagement. Besides sharing and explaining the results with our clients, most importantly, we learn the lessons, propose improvements for the future and think about scalability.


In the past 13 years, we came across hundreds and hundreds of external services that needed integration: from custom to off-the-shelf registration systems, from well-known data suppliers to custom CMS. We integrate our custom WordPress code with Salesforce, SAP , Deepmaps, Linkedin, Facebook, Google APIs and everything else that the project needs in order to achieve the desired solution. Just to be sure, we always use strict procedures when it comes to external tools, so you can be assured that the final products are bulletproof in terms of performance and security. All of that while keeping the legal teams happy.


We take pride in our top notch support services. We’re a friendly (but still professional) bunch that can and will integrate with client teams quickly. We’re providing the day to day support as well the emergency support that’s needed every once in a while. Of course, digital support is always available, but being in the same time zone and within physical reach is a very important aspect of our service. During busy times, nothing compares to real, face-to-face interaction. We work in hybrid mode, with some developers on the ready, monitoring the project, and other engineers on the trade show grounds on the 1st day of your event to make sure things are going smoothly and, most importantly, to collect feedback.

Product Planinng

Creating products isn’t always an easy, so it pays to have someone with experience besides you, guiding at every step of the way. Whether it is B2B or B2C, we are ready for the challenge and have the technical know-how to prove it. From product definition, to development, launch and even scalability, our experts in the field can help you lead the way by researching, analyzing and creating a business model to further your product.

App Development

It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally ready to venture into the world of app development! Be it iOS or Android, we develop apps that clients and users both love to use. We work with clients through the whole development process, helping them establish workflows, generating value from the get-go and retaining users. Scalability is always in our vision, so clients can be assured that their vision is always grand.

We provide the tools that empower you to focus on what’s important for your business.