Code of conduct

We at EMOTIONstudios believe that there is another way to do business and to be a business in this day and age. As in the world, the IT environment does have its fair share of bad and ugly practices, discrimination and  sexism being two of the prevalent ones. We consider that these discriminatory, biased, prejudiced and unfair practices do not have their place in this industry and so we strive to close the diversity gap present in the world.

In as such, we consider discrimination towards any and all ethnic groups as being out-of-place and impermissable. We believe that any racist remarks or prejudiced thoughts do not have their place in the workplace and in any other context, for that matter.

At EMOTIONstudios, we trust and understand  the importance of a diverse workforce and so we believe in the positive impact women have when it comes to tech innovation. Gender diversity is what we are striving to achieve. That’s why a woman wrote this policy.

Another code of conduct that we are committed to is being environmentally friendly. We are working on reducing our carbon footprint in many ways, from how we organize our workplace to how efficient our products are. We selectively collect recyclable waste, we go as a team to volunteer for reforestation in nearby areas to our office and we strive to make our products, our websites, with as little of a carbon footprint as possible, as Website Carbon calculates.

EMOTIONstudios is lucky to be able to say that all the clients that have worked with us share the same values, moral and ethical, as ours. Being on the same page when it comes to these principles is essential to us, so we would be glad to work with you if you also believe in them.