The EMOTIONstudios Post: 2021 year in review edition

January 4, 2022
The EMOTIONstudios Post: 2021 year in review edition

Time flies when you’re having fun, but there’s no turning back the clock now. 2021 is officially out the door, into the long forgotten past (of last week) and now 2022 is the reigning king, with a lot more projects and opportunities to come.

Looking back at the previous year, we can say that it was quite eventful, but that doesn’t really cover it. Changes, improvements, upswings was the trend for us, but that doesn’t mean bugs didn’t rudely interrupt sometimes or that every coffee that we had was quite up to standard, but we managed. 

Of course, a lot of projects are still in the works and not quite ready to talk about yet, so they will have to stay behind the scenes a little bit longer.

We started 2021 off strong with the release of our own virtual events platform, VEEP. Since then, we’ve not only continuously developed, refined and perfected the platform, but also created several custom versions for our clients. We had the honor to work with IIoT world on several events and we hope to create even more events together in 2022. 

In spring we saw the launch of Viumi! and since then we are glad to see that they’re on the up and coming, gaining traction on all of their social media. Drop some love to both Viumi! and Mockus, who are behind the branding for them. 

Twigged is on the up and coming too, moving steadily into the acquisition and onboarding phase. The name of the game is events and the terrain has pretty much flipped ten times over, so getting attendees to trust the industry again is going to be like building a whole new relationship, right from the ground back up. Reevaluating everything from this perspective is going to be what defines and distinguishes Twigged from the rest of the pack.

We also said hello to our new collaborators, 3dVRlive! We’re both in the events industry, we’re cool, they’re cool, so it was just a matter of time before we teamed up. They have quite a different approach to handling virtual events; and it’s quite refreshing to see an original take on what was quite a stable and fixed industry.

The summer started off strong with the release of the Fakefluencer film .It’s a documentary all about the crypto economy and we’ve created a shop, NFT showcase and blog for them, a new area of work for us. 

In the meantime, we partnered up with to get the best of the best when it comes to broadcasting services in live events. They’re the go to experts when you need creating, organizing or strategizing your video streams. 

Autumn came into the picture and saw the release of many new projects, one of them being the website for the Alan Ghitis Association. We are so proud and honored that we could do our part in their story. The organization is an NGO, aka it runs on donations, so if you want and can, please consider supporting them right here. This is also a great chance to see the website, so take a look!

In autumn we also welcomed a new member to the EMOTIONstudios team, Vlad! He is one focused, calm and calculated individual, who, besides being so graceful as to write articles alongside me on the EMONTIONStudios blog, he’s also an expert on crypto web development. 

Winter took us by a whirlwind with a lot of exciting new projects that are still in the works, which is not quite a secret, but we’re still not quite able to talk about them quite yet.

Until we can talk about them, let’s just wish for a better year, no, let’s wish for our best year yet, 2022!

Let’s talk!

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