Referral partnership

Want to benefit from the world of online events?

At EMOTIONstudios we are always looking forward to working with the best of the best in every industry, be they established companies or entrepreneurs that are ready to change the world. 

You may know somebody that is ready to create the next big event, exhibition, trade show or conference. How about we meet in the middle and link up? We’re always ready for new opportunities and partnerships.

To make things easier for everybody involved, we work with two types of partnership structures that cover the majority of the possible situations. Check them out below in full detail. If still none of those apply to you, send us a message and we will work together to create a very, very customized agreement.

Referral Partnership

Simple, short and concise. Fits best in the cases in which the opportunity you recommend is a one time deal, one and done type of event. The resulting relationship is simple  and efficient: you get us the referral, we close the deal, you get your share and we get down to business creating the event. You’re an intermediary between us and the new business partner until the end of the agreement – no need for further involvement after that.

Step by step on how it works

1. You know of an opportunity and believe that we could help and provide value to it.
2. You contact us and have an initial meeting and chat about the details.
3. If we find the opportunity interesting, we’ll agree on the commission and sign the Referral Collaboration Agreement. 
4. You intermediate the communication between us and the possible client and help in creating the relationship.
5. Once the financial compensation has been reached between us and the client you referred to us, you will get your commission. Fair and square.

Reseller Partnership

Applies best in situations when you want to have an ongoing relationship and involvement during the development process, managing the communication. This generally creates a long-term partnership between you and us. You have a greater involvement in the process: promoting our services and solutions, getting leads and creating offers. Of course, we will be in constant communication and our team will be there to help every step of the way.

Please keep in mind that this kind of relationship involves a great deal of trust and a very customized approach on both sides. Our resellers are highly valuable strategic partners who benefit from the quality of our services and web expertise. 
Step by step on how it works:

1. You have a portfolio of known possible clients or partners who could become our clients too.
2. You contact us and we have an initial chat about how we can work together.
3. If we find the opportunity to be fitting and interesting, we will get into the details about the approach, commissions and time frames. 
4. Once we have a clear understanding and basis for our collaboration, we’ll proceed with signing the Reseller Collaboration Agreement and the partnership kicks off.
5. For every lead that you bring you will be actively implicated in the process of selling, negotiation and development.
6. For every lead that materializes into a client and into a successful project, you take a significant share of the value that we capture.

So what are you waiting for?