Funding your event website

April 17, 2019

Features and quality vs. budgets! The eternal battle where usually budgets win.
Website managers are constantly under pressure to deliver amazing websites yet keep the budget low and amazing doesn’t just mean good looking. The website must attract more visitors, increase sales, give visitors all sorts of information and functionalities.

Some companies offer solutions for this and make managers compromise both on features and quality:

  • Cheaper development
  • Design and code reuse
  • Ready made instead of custom solutions
  • DIY systems that empower anybody to create a site


What if you create your own budget? What if you sell the features and make a profit rather than just paying for them? What if you improve your website year on year not only by not spending money but rather making profits?

Here are a few tips on how to do this

First, you can get a website sponsor. You’re a trade-show after all and probably monetize on sponsorship. Just think of a list of the more tech or social committed exhibitors in your portfolio and for sure one is will be interested to be the “Tech sponsor”, “Web sponsor” or “Tech partner”.
This is a win-win situation because the sponsors gets very good visibility, they pay and then they’re demanding on the quality of the website…which is your goal after all.

Second, you can create website promotion packages. Featured exhibitors, featured search results, sponsored sessions, enhanced profile exhibitor pages, special map placements and so on. Link this to your newsletter and communication emails and the packages should sell great.

Third, just think about the fancy features some events provide for their attendees. Online attendees networking, event planning, digital badges, meetings calendars and so on. Having this on your website ads a cost and many attendees might not use it. Still, some attend events for serious business, need these tools and are happy to pay for them. For B2B events these features are a sure sell and can add to your web budget.

There are many more other strategies to get a great website without paying the millions others pay. Book a meeting with one of our experts so we can analyze your event and see what fits best for you.

Let’s talk!

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