The exciting future of the events industry

December 10, 2020

We have far gone the panic and the frenzy that was at the start of the pandemic and we have conquered (and subsequently dismantled) all hope of going back to “normal”.

Covid came, saw, and hit quite a hard update on multiple industries, Events being no exception. And yet, the industry adapted. As we talked in our article Covid-19 proved it: The digital change is now and it cannot be ignored any longer, the moment to undergo the digital change is now, or never.

Industries have sunk, but those who managed to learn, adapt, or rather transfer all the excitement of events into the digital, have not only swam, but rather thrived. In the events industry this was translated into being able to host and continue holding events on their own websites or platforms.

In the wake of returning to what people have deemed as the new normal, a rather novel form of events have sprung up: hybrid ones. Being ready in the here and now, but also in the binary/ bit and gigabit/ data and metadata. Seeking a physical and digital presence. And in the competitive industry of events, occupying as much space as you can, regardless of the medium, is as important as ever.

Hybrid events might just be the next big thing. Exhibition world already has quite a few articles praising both digital and hybrid events. Somewhat not surprisingly, but rather foolishly, they tackle the problem of live events as a one person job. Even more, they suggest that anybody can be an overnight expert on all things digital events.

While I understand that there might be fast learners in the industry, I do not believe that any expert turned overnight can turn out a successful event. There are multiple experts in the web development industry that have been coding, creating and managing online events or the online presence of events long before the Covid crisis came to be. I do believe in the seniority of time and experience over good intentions and lack thereof any knowledge in the field.

And yes, we are one such kind of a web development company. We can ask the big questions (“Is your website event ready?”) and we can give back the big answers (“Carrying the true value of events online”). Even more, with the soon release of our product, The virtual events and enterprise platform, or VEEP for short (see what we did there?) we can give the answers to you too.

A steady product to move on to a stable environment where events can go on as normal and as fluid as ever. So if or when you need help transferring your event into the digital world, we are here to help.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s talk!

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