The EMOTIONstudios Post: September Edition

September 2, 2021

August has come and gone, the summer is over and we’re fresh from vacation, ready to kick back into action!


Alan Ghitis

Our latest release is the website for the Alan Ghitis Association. After losing his battle to melanoma skin cancer in 2018 at just 40, the friends and family of his founded the Alan Ghitis Association against melanoma skin cancer. We are so proud and honored that we could do our part in their story. The organization is an NGO, aka it runs on donations, so if you want and can, please consider supporting them right here. This is also a great chance to see the website, so take a look!


IIoT World

And with a new IIoT World event in August, we sure did. With the most complex VEEP yet, we added even more custom solutions and details. Even though the event is over, you can still join the conference over at to see VEEP in action and learn more about the challenges that the energy industry faces, including smart technology, changing customer preferences, a shift to renewable sources and distributed generation, and the increasing need to deliver energy-efficiency solutions.

And our collaboration with IIoT World continues with two more events: IIoT World’s ICS Cybersecurity Day in October and Digital Manufacturing Day in December. Check them out!



More great news! Besides getting accepted on G2, we are also now on DesignRush, the one place to be when trying to find the best agency for your upcoming project based on category, cost, expertise, case studies, company leadership and more! A review is always greatly appreciated, so thank you in advance : )



Did you know that we got accepted on G2? Well now you do. The place to be is G2, that’s for sure. Trying to break out more in the industry, so a review would be greatly appreciated! Here’s our page.


Exciting stuff, right? Keep tuned, even more stuff is coming in September, this is only the tip of the iceberg!

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