Best alternatives to WordPress

October 8, 2021

Maybe you’re tired of hearing at every corner about WordPress  and how great it is. Maybe you are ready to try something new, maybe an even better CMS. We thought about that too.

So here are the best alternatives to WordPress.

  1. There are none.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

In all seriousness, WordPress is THE content management system that everybody can pick up and start using for their site, regardless of size. It’s free, scalable, more than SEO friendly and customizable to every last bit of detail. It’s secure, easy to use and it can do pretty much anything under the sun, and then some. While other contenders on the market may have some advantages for newbies on the internet, if you want to actually be professional, you should invest your time into a WordPress-based site.

Don’t want to do it on your own? The EMOTIONstudios team has been working with WordPress for over 13 years. 

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