Covid-19 proved it: The digital change is now and it cannot be ignored any longer

August 3, 2020

The Covid crisis showed to many a thing that we, the guys and gals in the IT industry knew a long time ago. It revealed that now, more than ever, the digital presence of a brand matters the most out of everything else. That the digital change is something that entrepreneurs, businessmen and CEO’s cannot ignore any longer. And yet some still do, even if it’s 2020. 

Rather than accepting that we are indeed in a post-digital era where tech is an actual extension of our life, many follow a movement against technology and digital already that exists and has existed for a while now, but it usually begins and ends with posting a picture on Instagram with the caption or hashtag disconnect to reconnect. Why of course, the person in the picture IS actually sitting in a random field 5 km (at most) away from the city they live in. But back to our point. The real concerns brought up against technology is data security, privacy and ethical issues, but they are raised only by a minority of those using it. The majority only equals, in a baby-boomer-ish way, that phone = bad.

Either way, this doesn’t take from the fact that we, as individuals, use more technology than ever. According to the Technology Vision Consumer Survey, 52% of consumers say that technology plays such a significant role in their life that it is indeed ingrained in all aspects of their life. Even more, 19% of the consumers that took part in the survey declared that tech is so intertwined with their lives that they consider it an extension of themselves. Think we are done? Not yet. People, on average (just the average!) stay online about 6 hours a day. And that’s a quarter of our daily lives.

The numbers add up, and they amount to a lot of untapped potential from a business point of view. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? Why leave it waiting, somewhere in the corner, just because you don’t want to change. The old ways of reaching potential users or buyers of your product are inching their way out of existence. Referring to TV, Business Insider reports that Americans ages 18 through 34 watch a third of what adults aged 50 to 64 do; just think about the buying power of such a large age group of young adults compared to the seniors. Same goes when referring to in print advertising. The price for it is quite up there, 20$- 30$ to reach about 1000 users, while, for example, you could get advertising costs break down to $.25 to reach 1,000 potential leads via Facebook Ads, as The DSM Report, well, reports.

But don’t think of using the internet just for advertising. It does help to get your name out there, but having an actual platform for your product, i.e. a website, will help you thrive. Showcasing your business on a professional website (you know, the type we make) will only lead to an increase of traffic and then, of course, of sales. 

And yet, having a platform isn’t all about the sales you are making. It is the public image that you are portraying, projecting, puting it out into the world. NGO’s deserve the same quality of a platform like an Exhibition or a Product does. And it would just seem so that we have worked with all three types of websites. NGO’s like BFA, Exhibitions like Gaming Istanbul and Women in exhibitions, and even products for ELC GroupSo we could say we know what we are doing when we say going digital with us is quite the best decision you can make today.

So what are you waiting for?

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