Huge news for React developers

The wait is over, React will have a compiler at last!! The React team has shared exciting updates on their latest projects in a recent blog post. They’ve made significant advancements in the React Compiler, which is now in production use at Instagram and being prepared for open-source release. This compiler aims to optimize React… Continue reading Huge news for React developers

Best alternatives to WordPress

Maybe you’re tired of hearing at every corner about WordPress  and how great it is. Maybe you are ready to try something new, maybe an even better CMS. We thought about that too. So here are the best alternatives to WordPress. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk. In all seriousness, WordPress is THE content… Continue reading Best alternatives to WordPress

Best CSS preprocessors in 2021

CSS? That old, boring thing? Nobody uses plain CSS these days. All the cool, I mean, professional developers use preprocessors these days. You know, the things that are workarounds to CSS’ limitations and give you extra functionalities (like mixins) that can help with scalability and efficiency. I could give you 6 reasons to use a… Continue reading Best CSS preprocessors in 2021