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March 4, 2024

The wait is over, React will have a compiler at last!!

The React team has shared exciting updates on their latest projects in a recent blog post. They’ve made significant advancements in the React Compiler, which is now in production use at Instagram and being prepared for open-source release. This compiler aims to optimize React code by automatically rendering only the necessary parts of the UI when state changes, maintaining React’s core principles while enhancing performance.

This means the hooks used for memoization (useMemo, useCallback and memo) will become obsolete, resulting in a much cleaner, understandable and simpler code.

Additionally, the team introduced “Actions,” a new feature for handling data submissions in both client-server and client-only applications. Actions simplify data handling by managing the lifecycle of data submissions and providing hooks for accessing form states and responses.

The blog also highlights the React Canary program, which allows developers to test new features before they are released in stable versions. This initiative has led to the introduction of several new features, including improved support for server components, asset loading, and document metadata.

Looking ahead, React 19 is set to be a major release, incorporating these new features and improvements, making it compatible with various environments and ready for production use.

For more detailed information and to stay updated with React’s developments, you can read the full post on their website.

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