The EMOTIONstudios Post: June Edition

June 7, 2021

Last time we gossiped we talked about the future release of the Fakefluencer film. Well, now it’s live! It’s a documentary all about fake influence and the crypto economy, things that are all too much present nowadays in our daily lives. Go check out the new website and see what makes a good influencer turn bad. You wont regret it!


In other news, Comunic Magazine is continuing their monthly conferences over at . The most recent one was dedicated to telecommunications and appropriately held on the international World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (who knew that May 17 had such an important meaning?). The next conference is just around the corner, on the 25th of this month; the Digital Transformation Summit 2021 announces itself to be quite a good one. 


Speaking of conferences, we partnered up with IIOT to give their events a new home under the roof of VEEP. With this instalment of VEEP for IIOT, I think it’s safe to say to that this is the most customized version up until this point; not long before it’s gonna be live, so keep tuned for a new and fresh face to VEEP!


Keeping in the same area of organizing events, we partnered up with to get the best of the best when it comes to broadcasting services in live events. They’re the go to experts when you need creating, organizing or strategizing your video streams. Give them a look, they might just be the guys you are looking for!


Coming up this month is the launch of the website for the Alan Ghitis Association. The association is dedicated to fighting melanoma skin cancer on all levels, from prevention, to treatment and research. It’s a very meaningful and important project of ours, so we are very excited to share it with you. As soon as we can, we promise!


Also, keep in mind that both EMOTIONstudios and VEEP have a referral program that is still going on. You can check them out here and here! Make the most out of your connections. Know somebody that needs help in building online events? Refer them to us and we all benefit from it! Need more details? Just send us a message and we can talk about all the details you need 🙂

Let’s talk!

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