The EMOTIONstudios Post: May edition

May 6, 2021

The first ever EMOTIONstudios News brief is here! Exciting new stuff is on the way, our partners are doing extraordinary stuff on their own and things are picking back up after the uncertainty that marked the last year. Read it all, down below!

In the last month we saw the launch of Viumi! and since then we are glad to see that they’re on the up and coming, gaining traction on all of their social media. So glad to see them thriving! Drop some love to both Viumi! and Mockus, who are behind the branding for them.

Twigged is on the up and coming too, moving steadily into the acquisition and onboarding phase. The name of the game is events and the terrain has pretty much flipped ten times over, so getting attendees to trust the industry again is going to be like building a whole new relationship, right from the ground back up. Reevaluating everything from this perspective is going to be what defines and distinguishes Twigged from the rest of the pack. 

Our long time partners, Women in Exhibitions are also going above and beyond despite the pandemic; launching in the recent past both the North America Chapter and the UK Chapter. Greater reach, more support to the community and greater accessibility to programs that help build skills are just some of the perks. Can’t wait to open the next chapters!

Speaking of partners, say hello to our new collaborators, 3dVRlive! We’re both in the events industry, we’re cool, they’re cool, so it was just a matter of time before we teamed up. They have quite a different approach to handling virtual events; and it’s quite refreshing to see an original take on what was quite a stable and fixed industry. Give them some love, they deserve it!

We’re not trying to fake being an influencer, but here’s the truth. The Fakefluencer movie is going live soon! Both the movie and the new website that we’ve developed! More immersive, inclusive and jaw dropping, with some crypto dropped along its trail. Keep tuned. 

In other news, Comunic Magazine held its second event, the eLEARNING 2021 CONFERENCE, over on the! And yours truly, Carina Bondor, joined to talk about VEEP as a learning platform for both students and professionals alike. Only good things to come on this front!

V is for Veep, but V is also for Vista… Can’t talk more about this and soon is not soon enough. You guys will see what we’re talking about in less than no time

Keep tuned!

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